Is Cooking an ART?

Two days ago I was talking to my friend about being artistic. And he raised a very good question about what ART is really. He asked me if programming is considered an art.

ME: hmm… I’d say maybe it’s abstract art?
HIM: Is playing guitar an Art?

And I smiled, because haa! he got me on that one.

ME: I guess music is abstract too, i.e., the notes and everything; but the end result is quite an art, well at least to me.

HIM: If I write a piece of code, am I artistic?
ME: Well I guess it depends what your intention is maybe? What the meaning behind it is and what you’re trying to convey.

His response which I really like was:

“Programming is not always an art, just like playing guitar is not always an art. The definition of art is subjective, just like everything else.”

I later thought about it and I suddenly realized that actually FEELING/EMOTION is a very important determining factor or component of ART, isn’t it? So I quickly went back to him again to tell him, excited and proud about my little epiphany.

HIM: Well, not for me…
ME: For me it is!
HIM: Yeps… and that’s okay ๐Ÿ™‚
ME: K yeah it’s SUBJECTIVE, I gotcha! Lol
HIM: Wahahaha. Finally ๐Ÿ˜›
ME: hehe

Yan is a programmer based in Western Australia, and he plays guitar and practices 3 martial arts, 1 out of which he doesn’t consider ART but a skill only. You can visit his blog at rapetou.comย for his ideas and concepts of everything (computer science, philosophy, etc.)

And to quickly answer today’s question “Is Cooking an Art?”, I’d say to me it is! =)